A week with Peter Hess!

Sound Massage

If you’re one of the many people that feel stressed by the trial of everyday life you are not alone. I spent the first part of July in a unique training (my second time taking it) to learn Peter Hess Sound Massage. This type of sound therapy is steeped in scientific evidence based research, more than any other sound healing that I have personally seen. Proven to be a way of deep relaxation this technique can be used as a supplement to treatment or as a preventative treatment to many illnesses and disease.

Peter Doing a Demo for us.

Peter Doing a Demo for us.


Can relaxation help you heal? Science says: Yes!

The most exciting part was that I was able to learn directly from Peter Hess the Founder of the Peter Hess Institute and of the Peter Hess Sound Massage. Don’t get me wrong, the Peter Hess Academy teachers and directors for both the Eastern Academy and the Midwest Academy are out-stranding teachers. However, this particular class was co-taught by Gina Armstrong. She is so dedicated to her art and also owns Balance on Buffalo one of the best wellness studios I have seen to date. Between hearing all the stories of how this therapy was founded, Peter’s journey, and Gina’s experience and instruction, I left feeling confident that this is the therapy for me to practice and hopefully eventually teach!


Gina Teaching With Peter:

Notice Jana in the background! This class was a total success thanks to her amazing translating and personal experiences working with the method.


Peter and Gina performing a sound bath!

One very interesting thing was that Peter used guided meditation to reinforce the lesson plan from the day before. It really helped the information to sink deep!


I left the class not only feeling like I learned the technique but also well rested and relaxed. My mind was clear and the stressor from life melted away. Everyone need to experience a sound massage at least once in their life!

My sound journey in Wisconsin.

My sound journey in Wisconsin.

I also had a chance to perform a sound journey for the class and the general public. It was an honor to play for Peter, Gina, and Jana.

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