Sat Nam Fest

Traveling around the country to do this work, and to learn about sound healing, has been incredibly gratifying. It has fed me spiritually and provided amazing experiences. One thing I have loved doing is Sat Nam fest! I’ve had booths providing sound massage at 3 Sat Nam festivals and they are all unique , fulfilling, and can be tiring.

One fun experience was doing a sound massage for a woman and her pooch.

People and Pets love sound

People and Pets love sound

The pup loved is so much it just sat on he back and took it all in.

IMG_0682 (1).JPG

What are you doing?


Ohhhh I see.

Smile for the camera.

The client and her dog loved the session so much they took a set of singing bowls home with them!

I hope all my clients can have this fun with a singing bowl!

Wyatt Melius