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Combining Breath with Gentle Movement

  • Gardenalia 3709 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA., 15201 USA (map)
Combining Breath with Gentle Movement

Combining Breath with Gentle Movement

Presented by Michael Patrick, LMT, KYT, CPC


Come alive with breath and gentle movement! Breath and body awareness are the antidotes to a harried lifestyle, scattered mind and feeling ungrounded. Breathing techniques allow the mind to settle and become more peaceful. Conversely, gentle movement makes us feel more embodied and alive, and in an accessible way. When breath and gentle movement are combined, something amazing happens; mind-body awareness is awakened. This is the heart of yoga practice.

“All movement done with awareness is yoga.”
– Kripalu School of Yoga

Breathing techniques are a foundational part of yoga, and are called pranayama in Sanskrit language. “Prana” means breath or life force, which is the feeling of aliveness. “Yama” means to restrain. When attention is paid to the breathing and breath is restrained or directed, it causes the mind to relax and focus; we become more settled and less scattered.

Gentle movement or warm-ups (“hara” or core engagements) are gentle, repetitious, non stressing movements that stretch and energize muscles and connective tissue. As the muscles open, they begin to lubricate the joints. Synchronizing breath with movement and concentration reduces the possibility of injury. Repeating a movement several times can progressively deepen the movement, thus increasing flexibility.

With all of this benefit, yoga has become an increasingly popular practice; however, mainstream yoga classes may not be accessible for everyone. This workshop takes the foundational practices of yoga – coordinating breath with gentle movement – to establish mind-body awareness. Based on the principles of Kripalu Yoga, this experiential workshop introduces three breathing techniques that utilize all parts of the lungs, add subtle sounds to the breath to promote calmness and introversion, and balance the mind through focused attention. Then, simple, gentle movement is combined with the breath to create a state of relaxed fluidity. Attendees will explore breath and movement from seated, standing and lying positions. Learning from the workshop can be practiced at home as a way to become more peaceful, present and embodied in one’s own surroundings.

No experience with yoga or exercise is necessary. The workshop is accessible for all levels of fitness, especially beginners. Props, such as yoga blocks and cushions, are used to ensure safety and surety. Instruction will be done at a pace to allow absorption of the material and give time to practice. Attendees will be able to share what they experience with the group.

Those should attend who:

  • Are interested in becoming more peaceful, grounded and embodied.
  • Have interest in yoga but are not ready to go to a mainstream yoga class. This workshop can be considered “yoga lite.”
  • Want to become more aware of their bodies.

This workshop is 90 minutes. Cost: $20 per person. Attendance is limited to 9 people, so be sure to register promptly. If you have your own yoga mat and blocks, please bring them. If not, mats and props will be available on-site.

About the instructor

Centered Presence, Ltd.

Michael Patrick, LMT, KYT, CPC

Michael Patrick, LMT, KYT, CPC

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Professional Coach and former Scientist, I bring all the gifts of who I am to my work. Driven by the desire to elevate others, my career initially spanned the biotech industry, interdisciplinary research and laboratory safety. Over the past decade, it evolved to wellness and now I work in my own company, Centered Presence, Ltd. As a presenter, my workshops are characterized by elements of touch, intimacy, embodiment, grounding, presence, spiritual practice and cultivation of inner awareness, which result in personal growth and empowered movement forward.

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