Sound Healing Certifications

Certified sound therapist with, and Dean of, Tibetan Tones Transformations, Certified with the Peter Hess Academy as a sound Practitioner, and completed Crown of Eternity’s Gong Resonance Therapy Modules I & II

Level 3 Reiki practitioner



The Story Behind Rooted In Sound



My name is Wyatt, owner, and operator of Pittsburgh’s Rooted In Sound. We offer customized sound therapy sessions, using bowls, gongs, bells, and more and then infuse your experience with Reiki techniques to help with relaxation. To help you become familiar with the journey into sound, read our story below!

Digging in the Dirt by Day, Yoga by night

I’ve always had a connection with sound and nature for as long as I can recall. Growing up on a farm probably had a small impact, but so has my passion for sustainability and the outdoors. Surprisingly I became more aware of my connection with sound by digging in the dirt (not a requirement for sound healing, but I’ll get to that)! In late Summer of 2011, I stumbled upon meditation via a work associate at my sustainable landscaping/gardening business, Gardenalia, and decided to give it a try. After a lot of practice, Meditation, and later Yoga had brought an entirely new perspective and understanding of how my body, mind, and soul all work in harmony. After my experience with Yoga, natural healing became a focal point in both my personal and professional life.

    The Journey into Sound

    One day, while at a local fair, I discovered a sound healing session led by Crown of Eternity. The resonating sounds from the multiple gongs and bowls vibrated through my entire body, right down to my core. To my surprise, I had started meditating and deep breathing as if I was in a yoga class, by just standing there and listening! How could that be?! I was immediately hooked.

    Sound Healing

    I had signed up and started attending individual sound healing sessions and gong baths. The sense of self, deep peace, and rejuvenation was something I had never experienced before. Since then, I have been studying sound therapy and energy work for the last three years. In between, I’ve established Rooted In Sound so that others can experience the multiple, positive effects that sound healing can have.

    **Currently scheduling individual and couples sound therapy sessions! For more info on our services and pricing click here. Group sound therapy session dates/locations will be posted shortly!**


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