The Peter Hess® Method

Why we love the Peter Hess® Method


“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.”

- Peter Hess, Founder

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.”

- Peter Hess, Founder

Peter Hess sound-massage is a modern method rooted in ancient knowledge of the positive effects of sound, such as in the east Indian healing arts of 5000+ years ago. According to their legend, humans were created from sound, and are sound. It follows that if a being is "in tune" with both self and environment, he or she is able to live life more freely and creatively. 

Peter Hess is a German engineering graduate (FH) in Physical Technology who has extensively researched the effects of sound on people. Based on his manifold experience, particularly in Nepal and Tibet, he started work with metal singing bowls in 1984. His sound-massage method is based on compiled investigations and experiments showing the effect of traditional music on the human mind and body. In his many years of practice, Peter has adapted this knowledge for western cultures – the result is the original Peter Hess® method of Sound-Massage.

Peter heads the Institute for Sound Massage Therapy in northern Germany, which continues to develop and expand on his methods; and he has shared his own experiences in seminars provided both in Germany and abroad since 1986.

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Sound massage with the vibrations and sacred sound of singing bowls.It can give you a direct and deep relaxation. This method is based on the ancient oriental concept that sound is able to heal. .


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Sound Massage Provides Deep Relaxation and: non invasive
...can be used in both private and group settings
...feels soothing and pleasant
...harmonizes the body
...helps rebuild our sense of safety and security
...provides space to let go of what no longer serves us supportive to many other therapies

Areas of Application


  • The Peter Hess method of sound-massage is applied primarily for deep relaxation. We don't make claims of cure or treatment,  preferring to view it as a supportive approach. We don't need to look for what's "wrong" with the recipient, since we're not there to "fix" them. Instead we aim for good feelings, safety, and peaceful rest. The ability to let go into relaxation is key in the experience of health, and thus by offering relaxation sessions we can help people bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony.

Personal or Private Use

  • Relaxation and well-being. Used for self-care and with family or friends.

Professional Applications

  • Wellness & Coaching: Sound massage is a welcome addition to any practice where relaxation or focus is desired.

  • Cosmetics: Calm, confidence, and well-being affect one's appearance. Sound massage enhances beauty that comes from within.

  • Massage and Physiotherapy: Sound Massage can be applied by professionals for acute physical complaints – clients find it both gentle and agreeable. Blockages can be brought to awareness, and interrelated events that caused symptoms can be identified.

  • Medicine: By way of its relaxing and pain-relieving effect, sound massage supports medical treatment for conditions such as damaged discs, abdominal, digestive, and heart problems, painful joints and bad circulation, as well as many other health concerns. It can create a relaxed, open and co-operative atmosphere for the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Therapy/Psychotherapy: Sound massage has proven to be an excellent method to relax clients quickly and deeply. From within this deep relaxation, the therapeutic process is enhanced.

  • Other Professional Areas: Obstetrics, child care, schools, addiction recovery, retirement/nursing homes, care for the disabled, speech therapy, palliative and hospice care, etc.

Corporate Settings

  • Staff: Introducing calm into high-energy or stressful environment to increase staff satisfaction and productivity. Sound programs are customized and available for individuals and groups.

  • Management: Hard-working decision makers can take a step back and reboot with a sound massage or meditation. Self-directed or provider-facilitated, based on needs.

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Ancient Medicine

Ancient medicine systems that this modality works on.

  • Meridians

  • Chakras

  • Endocrine System

  • Aura

Instead of introducing one note bowls that only produce one pure tone,  we use therapy grade bowls made of bell metal, they have a fundamental note but there are so many overtones, partials, and undertones they truly mimic the sounds of nature.

-Wyatt Melius

Founder, Rooted In Sound